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Workmen's Compensation

The Law Office of Joseph Andrews concentrates on Delaware Workers' Compensation Defense throughout the entire State of Delaware; whether defending against new claims, closing old claims, investigating settlement, litigating coverage or taking proper legal action against those who defraud our clients.  From the moment a claim is reported until brought to its proper conclusion, our overriding philosophy is to allow our clients to close claims permanently in the most cost-effective way.



The Law Office of Joseph Andrews is committed to all aspects of workers' compensation defense based on our belief that the system was created to benefit everyone.  This includes representing self insured employers, uninsured employers and third party administrators through every aspect of the workers' compensation system from beginning to end.



The Law Office of Joseph Andrews has extensive experience prosecuting fraud and successfully obtaining awards of full restitution and reimbursement to our clients who have been defrauded.  Whether you are an insurer who has been subjected to premium fraud, or an insurer, employer or third party administrator defrauded by a claimant, our firm has successfully obtained hundreds of thousands of dollars in reimbursement for our clients.  See our representative cases here under "Fraud." 


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